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About once a month, I choose some artistic venue in Beantown and drive in from suburbia to take in some culture.  Since I have visitors about once a month, I try to do my culture-hopping and entertaining at the same time.

I recently chose the Institute of Contemporary Art http://www.icaboston.org/ because they had just launched the Shepard Fairey exhibit. This talented graphic street artist with political themes, known for his controversial Obama – used on the cover of Time  – as well as for Obama’s campaign literature, had just been arrested  prior to the opening. Fairey had also just been sued by AP, as they claimed he illegally used a photo of theirs for the Obama graphic.  Since my son was visiting for his birthday celebration and he is an Obama fan, I thought I would score big points.

The ICA did not disappoint. Most of the foot traffic that day – Americans and plenty of foreign tourists – was for the Fairey exhibit.  The ICA dedicated an entire floor to the exhibit and laid out the graphic displays and paintings in several different rooms. Despite the enormous interest, the museum did not seem crowded.    Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve always had a bad case of wanderlust. When that’s not possible (time and money issues,) I’m game when my sisters conference call me about a 4-day getaway in Florida – in dreary February, no less.

As I book everyone’s flights to meet around the same time in West Palm Beach, I keep forgetting that even though we’re older and wiser, we often revert back to well-established family roles from childhood when we all get together.

My oldest sister, the non-nonsense Matriarch, takes charge and rents a 2-bedroom condo right on Jensen Beach www.jensenbeach.com, without telling us. She spends a week there with her husband, an avid fisherman before the rest of us arrive. Read the rest of this entry »

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