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Okay, you have probably heard of Laughter Yoga before, as it has gotten a lot of press in the past year. But this past Monday – a miserable cold, rainy November night in Massachusetts, I decided to try it.

This Laughter Yoga session is led by certified Laughter Yoga trainers Bill and Linda Hamaker at the First Universalist Society Meetinghouse in Franklin, MA on the fourth Monday of every month. Their http://www.letslaughtoday.com class had about 40 participants of all ages (from a 16-year-old girl to a 70+ grandmother) Monday night, all seated in a circle.

As Bill explained, anyone could do the exercises from his or her chair or by standing up and moving around in the middle of the circle. All you needed to do was suspend thinking, try deep yoga breathing, begin to fake laughing and follow their lead.

Okay, for you non-believers out there, you do start out faking it, but very soon you are laughing for no reason at all in a group of strangers. In fact, your silly bone is tickled pink when you hear some other forced laughs. Some people laugh with high soprano tee-hee’s, some laugh flatly with no intonation, and others laugh with low, guttoral guffaws. Soon, you are giggling, laughing out loud and even snorting, as you play at laughing. You feel like a kid again. You learn to take deep yoga cleansing breaths, stretch and move, all with a surprised smile on your face.

While you can’t believe you are getting a workout with these moves and laughter, you’re soon taking off your jacket, as your body warms up. Between exercises, you find you need small sips of water to keep hydrated and so your throat doesn’t get too dry to laugh.

At the end of the 1-hour session, you lie on the rug and laugh and laugh until it’s time to take one great big cleansing breath. Whew!
You walk out, feeling refreshed, with the stresses and hassles of the day, all behind you. Best of all, you’re warmed with joyful laugh lines!

For more information about Laughter Yoga, go to:


Looking for a career opportunity in this job market is extremely challenging. Everyone involved – companies, recruiters, managers and job candidates – is stressed to the max!  This has led to some unnerving, comical experiences:

One of my firsts – an interview by IM! And, I might add, the interviewer on the other end was tweeting her friend about the latest gossip at the same time and mixed us up. (She has a great night life!)

A phone interview where I was grilled about every job, client and boss I have ever encountered. (The interviewer tapped my memory bank of former wacky office cultures and weird bosses. I smiled with every answer.)

The 90-minute interview that was humming right along until the manager started interrogating me with trick questions. For example, would I, as the senior content manager, buy her Starbucks mocha latte every morning, pick up her dry cleaning, program the computers and design the graphics, before I left the office every night?  I told her I was a skilled, experienced copywriter/manager who was willing to pitch in, but I was not  super-human. (“Great answer,” she replied. “I want someone who will stand up to me!”)

The boss who wanted to interview me in my car. When I told him I took the T,  he was very disappointed because he admitted weaning out prospects by the condition of their personal vehicles. (I could have told him how the last time this happened, I ended up locking us both out of my car.)

The HR person who talked exhuberantly with his hands, only to knock over his coffee all over my lap…. (Amazingly, this interview led to some great consultant work.)

Arriving at an office for the interview 10 minutes ahead of the interview, only to discover the entire building was locked and no one was inside. It turns out that they had a surprise fire drill and everyone in the corporate office was in the back of the building. (This was a good sign for me, a fireman’s daughter!) 

Ah, yes, interviewing is just another adventure!

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