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Recently, I was assigned to offer different samples of AirHeadsTM candy to customers or “members” of a super store. Usually, I am cooking and serving up healthier fare! In these days where it seems everyone is trying to eat healthy with natural and organic ingredients, I thought handing out candy would be a tough sell.
Who knew? All of my senior “regulars” who have to watch their sugar intake scooped up a bar without stopping to chat. One gentleman held his finger to his lips and whispered “don’t tell!” Others came back for seconds “for their grandchildren or children.” I wasn’t surprised when a pack of college students wanted more than one….After all, many love the fast sugared, pick me up of a quick snack and energy drinks for studying or more play.
What surprised me most were my vegetarian and food purist customers, even when I warned them that the ingredients consisted mainly of sugar, more sugar, corn sugar, some fat and artificial flavors and coloring. They did not hesitate, especially the ones who did not have any children in tow. Even the “exercise” Moms with small tots by their carts, grabbed some for themselves or offered their kids a treat!.
AirheadsTM bars are chewy candy in eight different fruity flavors. They remind many people of old-fashioned seaside shore taffy. According to their maker, Perfetti Van Melle US in Erlanger, KY, they have been around since 1986, when they concocted the secret recipe. Kids hanging around outside the factory were the original samplers and came up with the AirHeadsTM name. AirHeadsTM also make Xtremes, sticky, berry- flavored, sour and very sugary strips of candy which can be twisted for fun and then devoured!
If you want a big time sugar rush, AirHeadsTM is the Ticket.…(If you go to http://www.airheads.com, you can enter a contest to win tickets to a Big Time Rush concert.)

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