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Yes, there was the scrappy salesman who professed to having all of the “goods” to land that next job! (He sorely needed a haircut, a smile and a pressed shirt and jacket before he convinced me.)

Next up, was the former 60-ish goddess with waist-long gray hair, a ring in her nose and tats on both arms who said she had nothing in common with Gen Y. Wow- guess she hadn’t done the self-assessment in awhile.

Finally, there was the professional who aired his dirty laundry about the last company he worked for in the meeting! ( A no-no, no matter what generation you are!)

These three needed more than job counseling … more like personality interventions!

My motto for the morning….stay clear of these negative Ned’s and Nellie’s.

As everyone sat down to turkey on Thanksgiving, there was a group of 34 relatives who have another tradition. In my family, we get together on Black Friday to eat, drink and share at my sister’s house in Pennsylvania.

Chairs were rented, tables borrowed, three turkeys were dressed, basted, baked and fried. It’s a shared event – some were in charge of appetizers, others the sides, the bakers in the crowd made assorted pies from time-worn family recipes and even others who contributed the wine and beer.

The day was filled with plenty of conversation, much laughter and loads of noise. Halfway through the meal, everyone changed their seats, so they could chat with someone new. After clearing plates, dividing leftovers, some went for quick stroll, while others watched a football game and a few others nodded off. Then, a beautiful array of pies were put out and savored with every bite.

Too soon, it was time for great big hugs and the long ride home in the wintry dark past the lit-up malls.

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