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Musings after networkers’ meeting

Posted on: December 16, 2013

Yes, there was the scrappy salesman who professed to having all of the “goods” to land that next job! (He sorely needed a haircut, a smile and a pressed shirt and jacket before he convinced me.)

Next up, was the former 60-ish goddess with waist-long gray hair, a ring in her nose and tats on both arms who said she had nothing in common with Gen Y. Wow- guess she hadn’t done the self-assessment in awhile.

Finally, there was the professional who aired his dirty laundry about the last company he worked for in the meeting! ( A no-no, no matter what generation you are!)

These three needed more than job counseling … more like personality interventions!

My motto for the morning….stay clear of these negative Ned’s and Nellie’s.

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