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One of my former journalist peers keeps sending me Facebook posts of strong women throughout history. She’s sent me plenty I have never even known about. They’re interesting and I enjoy them.But I’m sure if you look closely and listen carefully to the women in your lives – wives, girlfriends, partners, friends and associates, you will find a wealth of women who are strong in personality, intelligence, talent and care taking – their inner beauty. You just have to look.

Strong women in my life are my mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, three sisters and their daughters. Every one of them worked, or is working, holding down professional jobs (some very high-powered and others owning their own companies) all while taking care of husbands, boyfriends and raising their children to adulthood.Then, in their later years, they support and care for their parents. While every one of them is different, the women in my family, like many, all share this one thing: inner strength.


Like many others, I am appalled at the deadly world news lately. It’s positively dreadful – no matter what your opinion is on much of it. And, with all the new technology – apps, Iphones, laptops, Ipads, nonstop blogs, texts, Facebook posts, IMs, 24/7 TV news – at cafes, in the park, at the gym, in the stores, in your car, in your home, we are never far from feeling, seeing and gasping at the latest catastrophe. There’s a big danger in this … we’re so distracted and worried about what is happening in so many places, that we never really focus on what is happening right in front of us. Without time off from the endless barrage of being in-touch, many of us never relax and re-charge. Without real human interaction, we could become non-caring machines. Grab some time for you and those closest to you today.