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5/14/15 Why They’re Not Asked to Trivia Nights Anymore …. imagesSo two hip seniors are updating each other on what they saw or might have missed on TV the last two nights …

He: So Demi Moore’s and Tom Cruise’s daughter is in the finals on Dancing with the Stars?

She: Demi Moore isn’t married to Tom Cruise. You must be thinking of Cruise because we mentioned him last night at dinner talking about Top Gun.

He: No, it’s because your son mentioned an expose on scientology.

She: No, it’s because I started talking about the restaurant we ate at in Key West called Kelly’s. Kelly’s is owned by Kelly McGillis, who played opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun and yes, he is a Scientologist and that’s why his wife Katie Holmes ran away from him with his daughter while he was making a film in another country. …But anyway, you’re right, Rumor Willis, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughter, is in the finals. She just made the finals.

He: Wow! So, I’m afraid to ask. Who else made it?

She: Riker, the Disney show teen heartthrob your grandkids root for and Noah Galloway, the double amputee veteran who proposed to his girlfriend on the show.

He: So what happened to the Olympian, Nastia, who performed a phenomenal quickstep and came in with perfect scores Monday night???

She: Didn’t have fan base like the others. Voted off… sadly. Hmm, you see Letterman last night?

He: Yes, I did. I couldn’t believe that actress – what she was wearing, what she was saying. She was so funny.

She: What’re you talking about?

He: The comedian with blonde hair from that TV show that flopped and in that movie with you know, the comedian who’s really funny doing some schtick,,,,ooh, ooh,,,c’mon, help me out here…

She: Are you talking about the Letterman Show? He had Julia Roberts on…

He: Oh, she’s one of my favorites. This woman was in that movie with you know…the one whose son of the guy who plays… hmmm, George’s Dad on Seinfeld…

She: Ben Stiller?

He: Yes, now c’mon who was the other comedian…he just makes me laugh so much.

She: Lots of people do, including you and this…

He: Oh, he was so funny and it was so tragic… saw him on a magazine recently…

She: That narrows it down to about 200 comedians. This actress wasn’t on Letterman, she was on ….oh, the comedian is Mork…

He: Right, I meant Robin Williams …

She: You’re thinking of the Night at the Museum …and the actress you ‘re talking about was on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Yes, she was funny…I saw parts.

He: What was with Julia Roberts…

She: She was talking about Mystic Pizza and how Dave intimidated her when she first came on the show years ago. She also talked about her role as a prostitute in Pretty in Pink….sorry, no that isn’t it

He: That actress’ name on Fallon’s escapes me…she’s in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 Her new film looks hilarious…..

She: Her movie is with Richard Gere. Do you know the script was much different when she tried out for the film? It called for a very dark ending.

He: Erin Brockovich?

She: One of her best! Oh, Pretty Woman! Luckily, Gary Marshall and Disney got ahold of it and changed the tone. Scripts were written daily and a lot was improvised. Everyone was wowed. The cast and director and people involved recently had a 25th reunion.

He: She doesn’t even look 25.

She: She’s 30. I’m talking Julia Roberts, who’s more like 50 and Richard Gere. Then a couple of weeks after the reunion Julia meets him by accident on a street corner.

He: We’re talking Richard Gere or some other actor?

She: Richard! Oh, just remembered that blonde actress/comedian’s name – (think rebel without a cause) Rebel Wilson…and yes, she is super funny. And honey?

He: What?

She: Dave planted a big smooch on Julia for you.

He: Nice. Any more film news????

She: Pssst…. I love you, but my brain and memory hurt and I’m exhausted. No more today!

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