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Gee, Louise …

Posted on: October 9, 2015

One of my mentors, Louise, says she’s having a crowd for the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and her dishwasher stopped working. Her hubby, usually very helpful, seems unfazed by the news. I told her to get him an apron, rubber gloves and to make sure he buys plenty of paper plates and plastic.

Reminds me of last Christmas when my dishwasher went on the fritz between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My landlord assured me he would replace it fast. (I had guests coming in two days.)

Before I left for work the next day, my landlord, my boyfriend and a plumber were lined up to haul the old one out and bring the new one in. I returned about eight hours later to find the old one in my dining area, blocking the way to the hallway. When I questioned my boyfriend, he told me that “someone” measured wrong. My landlord said they would be by the next day with the right size.

Next day, same drill – me leaving 3 strong men, only now with a new dishwasher in the hallway, on my way out the door. I returned hours later to find the old one gone (yes!) and the new one blocking the dining room and hallway. The culprit? The pipes under the sink had to be replaced so that the new fittings (???) fit.

My company arrived. We took them to dinner. When we returned, I used the dishwasher as a place to hang their coats. We ate on paper the rest of their stay. The landlord called me and told me that the plumber couldn’t work on this for at least a week!!! I sent my boyfriend to the store with my list: Festive tablecloth, candles, paper plates, plastic silverware and glasses. Oh, and WINE … the good kind.

I decorated my dishwasher ‘table.’ Company came and went. I ordered lots of takeout. My son even asked me when he visited if this was a new design flow popular on HGTV…walking around my festive dishwasher table to get anywhere in our condo.

Two weeks after he promised, my landlord and the plumber arrived for the big installation. Before leaving, I showed all three men my nails, told them I was going for the spa nail treatment and then shopping. I expected one thing – a working dishwasher when I got home. They all laughed nervously.

I returned home to find my hallway clear. TG, I had a new dishwasher installed under my kitchen counter! When I used it that night, it was so quiet, I thought something was wrong. It wasn’t.

But then I went to clean the floor and started finding screws all over the place. What are these? I asked my boyfriend. He just shrugged and said, “Extras.” “Extras????” Ok, if a DIY was installing my dishwasher, I’d expect to find many extra screws (I have a glass full,) because I know most men hate to read directions….but a professional??? So, yes, my new dishwasher works, although I expect it to just fall out from under the counter some day.

In the meantime, Louise, please send your hubby out for plastic, paper and Wine, yes more wine. Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends.

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