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Nothing like your car’s major oil leak on a Sunday to turn your day into mud…..even though it is beautiful and very spring-like outside.

Your boyfriend tinkers with the gasket, slides under the car on his back to see where it is leaking and then pours in new oil, hoping to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Standing in front of the car with its hood open, he asks you to get behind the wheel and just start this aging (paid my son’s tuition off) VW again.

You turn over the key and the car shoots forward hitting him, as he has left the car in gear, rather than in Park. Your feet immediately slam on the brakes as you simultaneously turn off the ignition. You jump out to see if he is okay. He’s been knocked off his feet back up on the curb and is stunned, sitting in the grass. He’s okay, if somewhat shocked and bruised. He’s mouthing expletives (in general, not at you,) but grinning.

“Jesus, I know you may have felt like killing me in the past few years, but I never thought you would actually try,” he jokes. (You’re half laughing, half in tears over this snafu, but nervously chuckling.)

You climb back in the small car and put the car in Neutral and try starting it again. Your own personal oil crisis is averted, but you know it is only temporary. You set up an appointment with your trusty mechanic and hope a new full-time position is right around the corner, so you can retire this aging vehicle. It’s time to window shop for the next car.

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