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Right after Thanksgiving, I took a part-time demonstrator position at a membership grocery to get me away from the computer.

What I’ve learned: I know more about food handling safety, calibrating a food thermometer and how to stand on my feet for six plus hours, without regretting it.

The biggest surprise: how people act when you offer a product sample for FREE. Many grazers never go more than hours without sustenance and yet, they will forget every manner they were taught when it comes to FREE food samples. They often grab the plates right from my tray, don’t wait their turn in line and some even take several samples at once. Their children follow suit, copying their parents. We need to re-invent Emily Post today! PLEASE!

Nothing like your car’s major oil leak on a Sunday to turn your day into mud…..even though it is beautiful and very spring-like outside.

Your boyfriend tinkers with the gasket, slides under the car on his back to see where it is leaking and then pours in new oil, hoping to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Standing in front of the car with its hood open, he asks you to get behind the wheel and just start this aging (paid my son’s tuition off) VW again.

You turn over the key and the car shoots forward hitting him, as he has left the car in gear, rather than in Park. Your feet immediately slam on the brakes as you simultaneously turn off the ignition. You jump out to see if he is okay. He’s been knocked off his feet back up on the curb and is stunned, sitting in the grass. He’s okay, if somewhat shocked and bruised. He’s mouthing expletives (in general, not at you,) but grinning.

“Jesus, I know you may have felt like killing me in the past few years, but I never thought you would actually try,” he jokes. (You’re half laughing, half in tears over this snafu, but nervously chuckling.)

You climb back in the small car and put the car in Neutral and try starting it again. Your own personal oil crisis is averted, but you know it is only temporary. You set up an appointment with your trusty mechanic and hope a new full-time position is right around the corner, so you can retire this aging vehicle. It’s time to window shop for the next car.

Happy New Year! Cell phone software experts – I need you to design a new cell phone app – one that is attached to my person.
Visiting my sisters and we decide to see “It’s Complicated.” When everyone goes to shut off their cell phones in the theater, I can’t find mine. Seeing as I tend to misplace things when I visit, everyone laughs about it. We enjoy the flick enormously!
When I get back to my sister’s and brother’s house, the search begins. We’re tired and it’s past midnight, so we decide to sleep on it. Next a.m., everyone and I are taking apart everything I have packed with me, searching tables, cars, jacket pockets, the floors, etc., hoping it turns up. We retrace my steps the following day. We call the number several times, hoping it will ring, or that some Good Samaritan will call and say they found it. Ha, no such luck!
Travel back to Beantown is delayed by the snow. I am lost without my cell phone. First stop back is to the AT&T store to purchase a new phone – AGAIN! (This is the third one I have lost in 3 years – one fell in water, one literally burned up in my ear and one got smashed after I dropped it! I have tried the insurance route and that is a pain, as the replacement comes by snail mail.)
When I tell the manager of the store, she pulls up my account and sees that someone has stolen my phone with the first call coming from where the movie theaters were. Nice – they racked up 100s of calls in 24 hours to Jamaica, Haiti, Jersey City, NJ, Montreal and Yemen and the Middle East. Did I make any of these international calls? NO, NEVER – my plan doesn’t include that. Plus, I don’t know anyone in these countries! For proof, all she has to do is see that I have been a faithful customer for 8+ years with no international calls, except once when I pre-arranged for calls when I was vacationing in Mexico. Two hours later and I have documented my appeal of these charges. I now have to wait until the billing cycle is over and then make my case again, to avoid extra charges.
I am now re-programming all of my favorite numbers & learning all the new features. In the meantime, seriously, cell phone software geeks, listen up – I and many others like me would welcome an invention for preventing loss of a personal cell phone. I could be your official tester!

I’ve always had a bad case of wanderlust. When that’s not possible (time and money issues,) I’m game when my sisters conference call me about a 4-day getaway in Florida – in dreary February, no less.

As I book everyone’s flights to meet around the same time in West Palm Beach, I keep forgetting that even though we’re older and wiser, we often revert back to well-established family roles from childhood when we all get together.

My oldest sister, the non-nonsense Matriarch, takes charge and rents a 2-bedroom condo right on Jensen Beach www.jensenbeach.com, without telling us. She spends a week there with her husband, an avid fisherman before the rest of us arrive. Read the rest of this entry »

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